2016 Election Gone Wrong?

Disclaimer: I posted this originally on Facebook on Nov. 9th Edited for here – TD

First let me say I DID NOT VOTE FOR EITHER OF THESE TWO MOUTH PIECES for the 2-party system that has had the American people at each other’s throats every four years. I actually voted 3rd party in the hope that, if enough people voted (Yes, Yes I know I “Threw away my vote”) 3rd party the #’s would hopefully (not win, but) tell the political machines that WE THE PEOPLE have had enough of this bullshit we are being shoveled and you need to get our country right and system back on course. But That didn’t work out either.

So, the “Reality Star” won. Wow really didn’t think it would happen but, hey it did! What now…

To those of you #ImWithHer zombies waking up crying, puking and mentally butthurt (how I believe Hillary feels right now) over the fact that we didn’t elect our first woman President, I must ask WHY? Was Hillary really who you wanted? Or was it just that you wanted a female President? I can understand wanting a female in the Whitehouse, but her? Really? This is a woman who has made it her life’s work to abuse the system, flipped more times (than I can count) on her “strong” stances and political views (usually to just stay in the political spotlight or keep herself in a political office). For Christ sake, HER HUSBAND WAS GETTING BJ’s while sitting in the office you wanted her in! And to those people saying “I can’t look into my daughter(s) eyes, now that Trump is in the office without crying and thinking about having to explain to them what a male chauvinist pig he is and how he treats women and we just made him President”. How the F’ do you explain that Hillary stood by while her HUSBAND groped, fondled and had oral sex with his interns and secretaries and SHE STAYED WITH HIM?  Are you really saying this is the strong female role model you want my daughters to look up to? Bullshit!

To the buglers TRUMPeting (see what I did there) how we finally are taking back our country… HA HA HA. (hang on I have to catch my breath) Seriously? I’m scared as much of this spray-tanned self-righteous grifter as I was of our last President. You really think he can make this country great again? He said the same thing about Atlantic City and look at that now. I am all for running this country like a business, because running it on emotions has just been in a downward spiral for decades. But this over-inflated ego-maniac has PROVEN he likes to build things up, then get out right before it collapses on itself. I’m proud to be an American, but this just sounds like worse odd’s than his casinos had.

To these pampered little ass-wipes walking out blocking the streets, shutting down cities, burning cars and smashing windows, burning the flag (god help you if I see that shit in front of me)
First off, how about you get a job, some responsibilities and start paying for your own shit, then feel free to break and burn that! People work hard for the little they have and because you think someone else owes you something and you didn’t get your way you can take it from them? I wish your great grandparents were alive to kick the shit out of you!  My blood is boiling over this. The fact you think it’s ok to block traffic and make people WHO NEED TO FUCKING WORK for what they have be late or unable to get to/from work, just shows how idiotic your generation can be! How about you go to that “safe space” you threw a tantrum to get, and hold your breath you little bitches!

To those telling me (via social media) that I need to explain to my LGBT+, Female, Black, Latino/am Muslim friends why they don’t matter, how about you explain to me why I need to refer to them as those labels? Most of the time I just call them by their names or nicknames (god I love a good nickname). You do you and I do me. Why is that a hard thing to grasp? Why, when people feel offended by others opinions, do the heritage, color and religious beliefs automatically come into to it? Because you don’t like the fact that I’m not screaming at the top of my Facebook feed how horrible it is that this guy got elected, I must be a racist bigoted hateful fearmongering zealot sexist asshole? SMFH

To those people trying to use the “we’re fucked” scare tactics like “You people who voted for your choice better check you 401k’s and see where your choice got you” crap… please read the link below
Stock Market http://money.cnn.com/2016/11/09/investing/dow-jones-trump-wins-election/

And I really don’t care if the foreign markets tanked, that’s their problem. “But Tony, those markets affect all of us!” Yeah you know why? Because we have outsourced so many of our jobs to these places because it’s become such a clusterfuck to try to run your own business in this country without being told you should be paying your entry-level associates what you pay the CEO because “that’s just fair”! Why should someone walking in off the street be paid top dollar without having to show they can…

A) do the job       B) be good at the job      C) make the company more money to in turn get more money?

I personally have worked my ass off for the last 25+ years at a job when my own friends have said “when are you going to get a real job” But it’s paying for my house, my wife and kids have everything they need (and most of what they want) and I’m making more than my father was at his age. You know the secret to succeed at life, WORK for it!

And finally, to you “THIS ISN’T THE ROLL MODEL WE SHOULD BE HAVING FOR OUR KIDS, I’M SCARED FOR OUR FUTURE” people. Get over yourselves, please for your kids’ sake. You want to see the shit your kids are going to pull when they don’t get their way? Re-read the 5th paragraph of this rant. How about you stop entrusting the raising of your children and the values you want to instill in them onto some politician, celebrity or athlete? I have 2 beautiful girls with brains (much smarter than mine) who I have raised (and still are) to not emulate others but be themselves, believe in themselves and not to try to be someone they are not. Half the problem with this country is telling our youth to be “just like this person or that person”. How about you show them how to be? Own that shit and BE A PARENT and not a friend!

I think this country needs a Common-Sense Party in the next election. But since too much of this country has their heads up someone else’s ass, I’ll stick to be happy I woke up this morning on this side of the grass and my family is as happy as I can make them feel and as healthy as I could wish.